We’re an agile and dynamic development house with the exposure and opportunity to create software for internationally-produced and recognized gaming products across multiple platforms.

Every new project or product is an exciting challenge for our teams. We are rigorous and passionate about excellence in design, delivery, and execution. This is key to producing our world-class innovative software using well-proven methods. We are flexible enough to scale and develop on a global basis, enabling us to remain at the forefront of our industry. While professional delivery and execution is key to our success, so too is having fun and loving what we do during every minute of every day. After all, we are in the entertainment industry!


While many organizations pay lip service to the adage “people are the most important asset,” we are crystal clear about this fact. We take concepts, ideas, and imagination and turn them into marketable products.

Our people are the core of our business—without them, we have no code.

There is no challenge that we can’t overcome with the talent pool we attract. This allows us to have the most cutting-edge adaptable software to drive a multi-channel gaming world.


“We don’t care about what you wear, who you know, or where you’re from. We do, however, care about what you know, what you can do, and where you want to go in your career. We work hard at creating exceptional teams that can deliver incredible products with global impact.

Our studios are all about bringing intelligent people together in a stimulating environment where they can collaborate both creatively and technically on challenging projects, expand their skillsets and knowledge, and continually strive to reach their fullest potential.”


Whether it’s the next big thing in animation, harnessing the true power of server-based gaming, building new game engines, or being at the forefront of the evolution in automated testing in the mobile device world, we are all about creating software solutions that provide extraordinary experiences.

We are at the cutting-edge, building adaptable software to drive a multi-channel gaming world, all within a stone’s throw from the beach and one of the few remaining pockets of old Florida.


Based in Escondido, our core team of seasoned game development professionals has a long track record of successful titles in both traditional video gaming and land-based slot gaming. With a wealth of knowledge to apply, the team is passionate about creating highly entertaining gameplay experiences with engaging math models and appealing visuals for the online and mobile market.

Outside the office, team members can be found hiking or mountain biking in the hills, enjoying the Pacific Ocean, or sampling some of the local craft brews nearby.


Evoking the buzz and glamour of the Vegas strip, the energy and raw beauty of the Mojave Desert, and the bright lights and sounds of Fremont Street, we are determined to take our inspiration and passion from the gaming capital of the world to develop highly entertaining, story-driven online slots.

Centrally located in Town Square, we’re close enough to the action of the strip, but also tapped into the local valley lifestyle. It’s time to escape and feel the spirit of Vegas in our high-quality slots. Viva Las Vegas!