We’re always looking for phenomenal talent to join our team of skilled software professionals. We follow a talent acquisition process that has been refined to ensure that you, as a candidate, have the best experience.

Our list of open positions below will help you to find the role that’s best suited for you. Upload your resume and a talent specialist will be in touch.

The job positions are based on premises and not available for remote work.


We aim to move candidates as rapidly as possible through the application and interview process.  Under optimal circumstances, the time period from Initial Screening Interview to Offer for successful candidates will be approximately 3-4 weeks.

Once you have applied, you will receive acknowledgment of receipt of your application.

Applications and CV’s are shortlisted according to the competencies, qualifications, and experience of the candidates.

This process is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

The object of the initial screening interview is to validate viability and interest and potential fit of the candidate for the vacant position.

This normally is in the form of a Video Conference call or phone call and lasts about 30 minutes.

The object of the panel or 1:1 interviews are to identify whether your level of technical and behavioral competence matches that required for the vacant position.

Dependent on schedules these interviews may take the form of a Panel Interview with a number of individuals from MahiGaming present or a sequence of 1:1 interviews.

Dependent on your location these interviews can take place in person in the office or via Video Conference.

Each interview will be between 1 and 1.5 hours long.

Each candidate is rated in order to compare their level of competence to the job requirements and, if necessary, to compare candidates being considered for the role.

Should you be shortlisted, you will be advised of this and invited to complete a technical assessment to determine your practical competence. Candidates are typically given a week to complete the technical assessment and it is a major determinant of your practical capabilities and competency and will form the primary determinant of your suitability for the role, as well as your entry level into the company.

In extremely rare instances, where a candidate has been determined to have strong potential, but has failed to impress on their technical assessment, they may be given an opportunity or an additional task to readdress and rectify the final determination. Suitable applicants are then moved to the final stage.

The object of the final  interview with company leadership is to review your interview feedback, including your technical assessment submission and to validate viability, interest and potential cultural fit for both, the vacant position and future company expansion.

This normally is in the form of an in person interview or Video Conference about 1 and 1.5 hours long.

Once the final interview has been successfully completed, an initial offer of the position will be formally made.

Before you are offered the final position, references and security checks are made.

Once the checks have been successfully completed, the final offer of the position will be formally made.

If you would like the opportunity to become a part of MahiGaming, please submit your resume below and a talent specialist will be in touch.

( Actively looking ) JOB OPENINGS


Partner closely with our Development community to continuously design, implement, improve, and debug our in-house game and engine codebases.


• Collaborate with small, rotating, interdisciplinary teams consisting of Game Designers, Sound Engineers, Artists, and Developers to create premium HTML5 games.
• Work with a modern tech stack using TypeScript and Node.js in VSCode, utilizing Git and Jira workflows.


• 3+ years of professional experience in software development in any major programming language (JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++, Java, etc).
• Good understanding of general OOP, SOLID principles, design patterns, debugging skills, memory management, and optimization techniques.
• Familiarity with modern development team workflows (pull requests, code reviews, package management).
• Player-oriented mindset.
• Clear communication skills in code, writing, and speaking.
• A positive attitude and a desire to grow.


• Strong TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js knowledge.
• Experience with casino game development.
• Familiarity with continuous integration.
• Mobile experience and familiarity with its challenges and optimizations.
• Contributions to open-source projects, game jams, personal projects.
• Familiarity with other game engine architectures. (Unreal, Unity, etc.).


Partner closely with our internal teams to continuously design, implement, improve, and maintain our in-house tools and related applications.


• Collaborate with small, rotating, interdisciplinary teams consisting of game designers, mathematicians, audio engineers, artists, and developers to produce web tools to assist with game design and development.
• Partner closely with our development community to continuously design, implement and improve internal tool development.
• Work with a modern tech stack using React, MongoDB, Prisma, SQL, TypeScript, and Node.js, utilizing Git workflows.
• Write well-architected, structured, and maintainable code.
• Participate in code reviews, providing thoughtful, constructive, and thorough feedback.


• 3+ years of professional experience in software development in any major programming language (JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++, Java, etc.).
• Solid understanding of database design and implementation using relational and non-relational databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.).
• Experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining robust back-end APIs.
• Good understanding of general OOP, SOLID principles, design patterns, debugging skills, memory management, and optimization techniques.
• Familiarity with modern development team workflows (pull requests, code reviews, package management).
• Clear communication skills in code, writing, and speaking.
• A positive attitude and a desire to grow.


• Strong TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js knowledge.
• Experience with React, GraphQL, Docker.
• Familiarity with continuous integration.
• Mobile development experience and familiarity with its challenges and optimizations.
• Contributions to open-source projects, game jams, personal projects.
• Passion for AI.


At Mahigaming, our QA Engineers are expected to work in a collaborative environment with other QA Engineers as well as with other community representatives.


• Help create / design test scenarios, test cases, suites, and test plans for deliverable products.
• Supports product initiatives through manual testing efforts.
• Is familiar with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac for testing efforts.
• Assist in setting up the project task tracking / test schedule.
• Creates / manages documentation associated to QA processes.
• Keeps up to date on new hardware, browser news and relevant technologies.
• Conduct automated test cases for black box testing.


• Proficient in SQL Scripts and SQL Server Manager.
• Proficient in Reading and Writing programming (C# Preferred).
• Knowledgeable in Internet Information Services.
• Knowledgeable in Performance Analysis and Performance Data Capture (Both Loading and Runtime Performance).
• Can conduct leadership roles and responsibilities in a proficient manner.
• Communicates verbally and written in a proficient manner.


• Skilled in Object Oriented Programming and Design.
• Skilled in SQL Store Procedures and Data Extraction.
• Proficient in Data Analysis.
• Can design / create tools to help improve internal processes.
• Experienced in testing / developing slot games.
• Experienced in testing / developing web-based games.


• Minimum of 5 years of work experience in Quality Assurance and/or Software Development.
• Minimum of 2 years of work experience on testing on the mobile platform (iOS, Android).


The purpose of a Technical Designer is to bridge the gap between Creative Design and Development. Working closely with both communities to build efficient components to work inside the product.


• Various Game mockups.
• Particles / Animations / Visual FXs for the game.
• 3D Models / Textures.
• Assisting creatives in drawing game elements.
• Building out optimized game ready assets from concepts.
• Working closely with developers ensuring concepts are achievable.


Excellent working knowledge using:
• Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects)
• Spine
• HTML5 / CSS.
• Optimizing Files for Production.
• 2D and 3D art production.


• Strong problem solving skills.
• Ability to take direction and work independently.
• Ability to learn new programs/processes quickly.
• Ability to take input and make changes in a timely manner.
• As a Technical Designer you will be expected to assist with project scheduling providing accurate time estimations for the expected work. As the bridge between design and development you will often be tasked with working on multiple projects across multiple teams. This requires you to have quick turn around times and strong problem solving skills as to not become overwhelmed.


• Degree/Diploma in Graphic Design / Game Art & Design / Game Development.
• Minimum of 6 years work experience in Gaming, Design, Marketing, Advertising, Publishing or Animation field.
• High level of experience and understanding of Adobe Creative Suite.
• HTML5 / CSS knowledge.


The Game Designer role requires a passionate, capable and pioneering team leader with experience adapting proven gameplay mechanics, creativity, innovation and business analytics into designing AAA online and mobile slot gambling games for a massive international market. This is a key Product Owner role responsible for leading cross-disciplined teams via clear and constructive communication in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment.


• Collaborate with game production teams to create AAA online slot gaming experiences for international online and mobile gambling markets.
• Conceptualize game designs and game mechanics.
• Create detailed Game Design specifications for entertaining and competitive gambling products that also align with defined technical and regulatory constraints.
• Create and own all game logic for designs.
• Provide high level direction on all aspects of the product during the entire life cycle inclusive of visuals, audio, technical implementation, user interface, and gameplay flow.
• Lead and participate in iterative mathematical design reviews.
• Actively work on multiple projects concurrently; strong multitasking skills are essential!
• Demonstrate strong communication and consensus-building skills working directly with highly integrated, multi-disciplinary teams.
• Manage communications with external-facing partners, customers, and licensing agencies .
• Perform active field research, analysis, and utilize industry knowledge in developing new features and products.
• Extensively play test all games in studio development and provide detailed verbal or written feedback around all aspects of the player experience.


• Minimum 5+ years Production Team Leadership / Product Owner Role developing for-money slot gambling experiences.
• 10+ shipped titles in a Slot Game Designer role creating AAA slot gaming products for online and/or land-based markets.


To provide creative artistic vision, look and feel for the game with innovative designs, work on game production and marketing materials, following latest game trends. Run the process from concept to layout to completed product.


• Work closely with Game designers to fundamentally understand the new Games mechanics, business reasoning, visual goals and intended target marketing intentions, that respond and support Game Design requirements and specifications.
• Create high quality game art that is production ready for Tech Design to move forward.
• Guide Tech Design team on animations.
• Research and follow the games, have a good understanding of Marketing requirements and trends.
• Assist with marketing direction, when possible assist by creating Marketing assets.
• Work on Product from concept layout phase through completed product, assisting beyond core role whenever possible (Green Man Testing, Marketing, General feedback…).
• Create original art mockups for all key game screens for all game layouts.
• Guide Team & Product by aligning work with game design vision.


• Proficiency in the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator) character design, illustration, environmental art.
• Detail oriented and organized work style.
• Expertise in working on multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines.
• Collaborative, open to feedback, great team player.
• Self motivated to achieve goals and complete tasks.

We have two open positions. We have consolidated the accountability and responsibilities into one document.

This position is located in Boca Raton, FL and it is an on-premise position (no remote work).

One of the positions will be focusing on the DevOps and the other position on IT tasks.

Depending on the individual experience some of the responsibilities will overlap.


The main goal of this role, in conjunction with the rest of the IT team, is to tightly integrate IT with the different teams to ensure the timely shipping of our products. The IT DevOps/Support Engineer will manage and provide direct hands-on support to all MahiGaming studios.

The individual will manage, develop, and improve tools for the enhancement of the Development Operations. Will manage and support network, security and virtual server infrastructure using best-of-breed technologies.

Our environment is a mix of like-minded people who are just as passionate about development as we are. We create an innovative and collaborative thinking space for ideas, products and people to grow. We are looking for an individual that shows a track record of being passionate about leading-edge technologies, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking.


DevOps Engineering (35%)

  • Integrate and build automation tools for software development lifecycle (deployment, monitoring, and operations)
  • Management / Re-provisioning of Development/Test Environments and maintenance (patches, O/S health)
  • Maintain and administrate our automated Software Development Life Cycle with CI tools, GitLab integration for continuous build, test, and deployment
  • Manage and integrate interoperability of DevOps systems (GitLab, JIRA, TeamCity)
  • Research, evaluate and improve DevOps toolchain to automate and streamline our operations and processes
  • Monitor system healthiness with various tools and respond to alert

(IT) Network Administration and Security (30%)

  • Manage and maintain Wireless infrastructure and Mobile Devices (Apple & Android-based)
  • Support and recommend networking improvements to ensure maximum protection to company IP assets and the performance of the network
  • Firewall Administration
  • Endpoint Security (McAfee)
  • Physical security systems (DVR, Access control, etc.)
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuance Management

(IT) Servers & Virtualization (VMWare, Windows and Linux) Administration (20%)

  • Maintains and administers servers and related computing environments, including hardware, servers, systems software, application software and all configurations
  • Microsoft Active Directory / Office 365 Environment & Servers Administration
  • Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access and performance (Servers, VMWare, Backup/Restore Processes, Network Performance, Security Activities)
  • Support Test/Development environment (External to our company)

(IT) DB & Analytics (10%)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Administration (Backups, Monitoring, O/S Health)
  • Management of Database Integration w/ backend Azure Application Insights services

(IT) Workstations (PCs / Mac) / Mobile Devices / Printers (5%)

  • Install workstations hardware and Software, including setting up employee’s access to required systems (Active Directory, File Shares, O365, etc.) Image Management of PCs (FOG)
  • Management and maintenance of Mobile Devices (Apple & Android-based)

(Both) Administrative / Other (10%)

  • Asset Management. Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources including IT documentation

• Knowledge of automation and continuous integration (2+ years)
• Setting up CI/CD pipelines (1+ years)
• Managing performance, availability and scale for mid to large sized systems. (2+ years)
• Managing & maintaining networks, servers in a heterogenous environment (5+ years)
• Source Control Management (2+ years)
• Iterative/agile (e.g. SCRUM, XP) methodologies (1+ years)



  • VMware vSphere 6/7 and Storage Area Networks (SANs).
  • Servers, HP Proliant (or equivalent)

DevOps Engineering

  • GitLab & Git Clients
  • Kubernetes
  • PowerShell
  • GitLab CI / CD
  • ProGet
  • NPM / NodeJS
  • Docker

Windows Active Directory (2012+) in an Office 365 environment

Microsoft Databases & Methodologies

  • SQL Server (2012+) Administration
  • Power BI or equivalent
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Databases, App Insights, Stream Analytics and Machine Learning

Networking / Infrastructure

  • Cisco / Dell Switches, Next-Gen Firewalls (Palo Alto) and EndPoint Security Management


  • Windows 10 PCs, Macintosh and Linux


  • Bachelor degree or above in Computer Engineering or related discipline preferred (but not required)

Soft Skills

  • Strong sense of responsibility and ability to work independently
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, self-motivated, detail minded and result oriented
  • Team player who values team success over individual recognition

The localization coordinator is responsible for defining, reviewing, and preparing all necessary internal and public-facing verbiage for translations. A typical day includes interfacing across teams and gathering requirements for technical documentation and verbiage, requesting translations in various formats and file types, estimating timelines, troubleshooting, and delivering within timelines. In addition, the localization coordinator will create templates of work, document processes, and assess potential risks for delivery.


• An ideal candidate requires strong comprehension and writing skills, multi-tasking abilities, and keen attention to detail.
• The Localization coordinator must be adaptive with the ability to make informed decisions with little supervision.
• A driven candidate with quick turnaround time and prior experience in the field of localization will make a great addition to the team.


• A minimum two years of experience in localization or related technical writing field is required, but 3+ years is ideal.
• Experience in the online gambling industry is a plus.


Software Requirements/Qualifications:
• Windows OS work environment.
• Microsoft Office.
• P4V Perforce/Source Control.
• Jira / TFS.
• Web/Portal Management.
• (Bonus Skills) Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.


To create appropriate game-themed music and sound assets, in tandem with the Game Designer and product team, delivering sound assets within milestones and shipdates.


• Create original music in many genres.
• Create game sound design and audio assets at a high quality.
• Experience with current audio and music software such as Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic, Waves, Kontakt, Vi’s and soft synths.
• Create music and sound explorations then merry to video mock up demos edited in iMovie to showcase explorations to get team feedback.
• Coordinate, communicate and collaborate syncing with game teams which include game designers, Tech designers, creative designers, developers, QA and PM’s to solve problems and create amazing audio.
• Experience with Windows and/or macOS productivity software such as word processors, spreadsheets, Jira, TFS, Perforce and Sharepoint.
• Very open to suggestions, revisions and change requests throughout the game production process.
• Evaluate audio mix and implementation of audio assets in-game and adjust according to needs.
• Produce, mix and edit sound linear promo videos.
• Manage and prioritize assigned tasks and milestones, with a focus on achieving goals on schedule.
• Broad library knowledge in sound design and musicware content.
• Asset export and pipeline.
• Test and verify work in tandem with Get and QA teams.


• Experience designing, editing, mixing, mastering and implementing content for interactive and linear media.
• Firm grasp of audio engineering fundamentals for studio recording.
• Strong self-management, organizational and problem solving skills, ability to work independently while having a great team player attitude.
• Positive, solution-oriented and independent approach to work.



To conceptualize a game’s design and create mathematical models that accurately calculate the theoretical payback percentage while designing a game experience that is optimized for fun and player engagement.


• Create mathematical models of games.
• Collaborate with producers to create best game experiences.
• Write software to calculate or verify accuracy of models.
• Document Game Math for use by internal and external parties.
• Work with all communities to ensure accuracy across the entire game.


• Bachelor of Science degree or higher (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science), or equivalent experience.
• Minimum 2 years work experience in gaming.


• Advanced Excel skills.
• Must be comfortable programming in at least one of the following (C#, C++, Python).
• Mathematical modelling.
• Strong expertise in Combinatorics, Probability Theory and Statistics.


• Strong problem solving skills.
• Multitasking & Time Management.
• Ability to listen to feedback and take resulting action.
• Good communicator.
• Must enjoy working with a team.


The Producer has a very central, high-visibility role within the organization, with direct impact on strategic, creative and operational areas. Producers, support all game development disciplines throughout product life cycle and ensure both program and product integrity.


• Acts as liaison between all departments, intra-office and across the global organization to guide product from conception to international deployment.
• Gain stakeholder approvals at key intervals, build consensus among team members and resolve conflicts between competing goals with product quality highest of mind.
• Drive server-side feature requests and facilitate information flow between offsite Engineering, Marketing, Legal, Localization, Testing, Project Management and Certification departments.
• Promote clarity and consistency in organizational information transfer.
• Work with Product and Design Leads to encapsulate functional and creative requirements for each product, disseminate important information to all team members and ensure availability of resources for every area of product development.
• Act as voice of the customer.
• Champion consistency of user experience across products, recommend and advocate optimal Usability/UX principles.


• Knowledge of SDLC Tools (JIRA, Microsoft Suite, etc.).
• Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills.
• Proven influence, collaboration and negotiation skills.
• Ability to Summarize and Consolidate Complex Information into Technical Specifications.
• Exceptional organizational and time management Skills, with strong attention to detail.
• Passion for Learning About New Technologies and Market Trends.


• BA/BS in Computer Science or Related Technical Field, or Equivalent Experience.
• 3-5 Years Software Project/ Product Management Experience.
• 3-5 Years Agile SDLC Methodology Experience.

MahiGaming provides a wide-array of services, from designing and building many of the top performing leading branded and licensed PC and mobile games that exist in numerous global markets. MahiGaming’s production and development teams provide animations, sound engineering, sound recording, and songwriting services along with math development for some of the industry’s leading games including innovative online casino games, casino gaming, and gambling services, and online games of chance such as online slot machines.

Our teams work at the leading edge of the rapidly evolving innovative world of technology from design and development of tailored computer hardware and software, hard core computer programming, AI and automation and the design, setup, maintenance, and comprehensive overhaul of computer software services.